If you’re the owner of a farmhouse kitchen, one of the first things you might consider in designing your own kitchen is adding new cabinets to replace the existing ones. After all, you have already spent hundreds of dollars on appliances and decorations for the kitchen; why not make it look good and add some new appliances as well? That’s exactly what I did, and the results were excellent.

1. Wooden Cabinet

I’ve seen wooden cabinet designs in several kitchen design magazines, but because of my own decorating style I opted for solid woods instead. I think they look more stylish than glass or metal. They’re also easy to stain, so I used dark stains that made them even more impressive. I opted for natural woods like mahogany and oak, rather than the stained white or stained oak cabinets often found in farmhouse kitchens.

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2. Modern Kitchen Cabinet

In addition to the wood I chose, I also made sure the cabinet hardware matched the design I chose for the cabinets. So I added a few extra nails and screws for a modern look.

I was surprised at how comfortable my new kitchen cabinet design made me feel. Even with the blinds and curtains drawn, I didn’t feel like I was working in a kitchen at all.

It was such a refreshing change from the standard wooden look of older house styles, which almost always included window treatments and blinds that were of varying widths. Now instead of being confined to a limited amount of furniture, I was able to place every piece of furniture I needed right in the open.

For instance, if I wanted a built-in cabinet, I could simply slide it in and it would immediately fill up the entire space. And by taking the drab looking gray wooden cabinets I have today and creating a modern farmhouse kitchen cabinet look, I have finally found a solution to the space I always felt was too cramped.

3. Colorful Kitchen Cabinet

While I was thinking about the new style I wanted to bring to my kitchen, I couldn’t help but notice the new brown cabinet hardware. There are so many different designs of new kitchen cabinet hardware and I wasn’t sure which would look best in my cabinets.

The problem is that most of the hardware stores that carry new home accessories just sell products in the same old boring colors. They come in matching colors like white and black, but these look like the equivalent of old designs that I’d already replaced years ago.

To make the look stand out, I simply needed to keep the cabinets in bright, bold colors. I’ve always thought that brown cabinets looked great in bright, cheery red, or orange, but I also love neutral colors like tan and beige, so I started searching for neutral cabinet hardware.

I found a lot of really interesting colors for farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware, including green, red, yellow, and black. With the new accent colors for the kitchen, I had completely overhauled the look of my kitchen, and it fit perfectly with the rest of the house decor.

When you build farmhouse kitchen cabinets, you have to make sure that you purchase cabinets that fit well into the rest of the house and don’t over extend the spaces they’ll take up. You also need to choose the right hardware for the area, which can be hard if you don’t want the cabinets to clash with other furniture.