Don’t forget, not all cars are made equal for auto camping. To me car camping usually means I can access the camp site which has a small vehicle that holds all my camping gear.

The best thing about car camping is the way accessible it’s to everyone. The best thing about van camping is it can be all of these things, and a lot more. It is that it allows you to slow down the speedy pace of modern lifetake advantage of this.

Just because it is a van, doesn’t indicate you can’t have the decor you desire. You may have to find creative with this in the event that you’re not in a van or large vehicle. The Full-Size Van is quite flexible.

If you rented the van, the rental organization is likely going to ream you for additional cleaning expenses, even if you attempt to clean it yourself first. Before diving into the van living lifestyle, it’s well worth noting that we’re speaking about people that are looking to reside in vans. It’s more environmentally friendly and you’re not forever having to manoeuvre a huge van through a strange town.