If you’re thinking of purchasing an RV for full timing, look at a bunkhouse model. Since an RV is a little space, it’s a really doable project in a few weekends time. Keeping rodents away in the very first place is the simplest approach to secure your RV. It’s the only means you are ever going to get your RV to remain organized. To increase the problem, most RVs don’t include a central vacuum. Fortunately, most newer RVs have little if any carpet to put it differently, the industry seems to have gotten the message. You simply purchased a brand-new RV.

Check on your RV regularly while it’s in storage, if at all possible. Covered RV storage is an excellent idea if you intend on storing your RV long-term. Indoor RV storage at a facility will be absolutely the most expensive option, but in addition provides the most protection.

A If you organize the space correctly, it’s crazy how much additional storage space you’re able to increase your RV. Plus many times there isn’t a lot of surplus space under the sinks where you’d usually mount these. In addition, there are so many possible storage spaces on the outside of your RV, too.